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From the 600 artists who applied to be part of the 2022 Long’s Park Art Festival only 200 were invited to exhibit. 

Each year we have a different group of artist jurors who review all of the applications and score each to determine the artists that will exhibit that year. 


The application process for the 2022 Art Festival is now CLOSED. 
Applications for the 2023 Art Festival will be available on starting December 1.


The 5 jurors who reviewed the 2022 applications were all exhibiting artists who have exhibited at Long’s Park in past years.

Mike Bose, Bedford, IA

Sharon Donovan, Ann Arbor, MI

Peter Handler, Philadelphia, PA

Letitia Lee, Bethesda, MD

Thomas Mann, New Orleans LA

Mike Bose   
Sharon Donovan 3.jpg
Sharon Donovan
Peter Handler_3.jpg
Peter Handler
Letitia Lee
Thomas Mann 4.jpg
Mike Bose work_edited.jpg
Sharon Donovan work_edited.jpg
Peter Handler work_edited.jpg
Mike Bose_3.jpg
Letitia Lee work_edited.jpg
Letitia Lee 3.jpg
Thomas Mann work_edited.jpg
Thomas Mann
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